To nap

A Saturday afternoon, with the day’s to-do’s done, and the house quiet, is as a good a time as any, and in some ways, better than most, to indulge in the respite of a nap. Remember naps? They were imposed on us in childhood, stealing play (not unlike bedtime). We grew-up as quickly as we could to out-grow them.

A cultural caveat is in order here. I’m writing from an Anglo, United Statesian world- view. Perhaps a saving grace is that I’m a Texan, and having lived all of my life in the Lone Star State, I have cultivated an affinity with much of the Hispanic culture. The “siesta” is brilliant; and, especially appealing as Austin’s days of 100º+ heat now account the drought as ‘incredible.’

Why indulge in a nap? To relieve the mind’s and body’s pressures of the week passed; to refresh for the mid-weekend’s evening to be; and, to simply have a few moments of uncrushed recharging. It can be a sweetly spiritual experience; or not. It is perfectly acceptable for it to be simply sweet, savored as a brief time gently lingering in memory, inviting you to sample it again another day.


  • Do you have a favored place to nap?
  • What is the optimal length for your siesta?
  • How do you experience napping’s refreshment as life, more?


[Art Credit: Photo by Hector Garcia. San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico.]


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