Setting sensitivity

People pay attention to determine if you are real. We place a premium on human genuineness, gauging someone’s authenticity and credibility by his/her consistent behavior.

People are looking and listening to you. We appreciate interactions that are congruent in varied settings.

Today, I was reminded of the power of that consistency, and how we frame our response to others anticipating that they will continue as they have been. Others respond to us in a similar way.

You can enjoy, and experience life, more as you are sensitive to your setting. There are a variety of ways to say the same thing; distinct approaches to achieve the same goal. Some are more effective in some settings than in other settings – each expressing your genuine, and consistent, identity.


  • How are you growing and living as your authentic self?
  • What are some ways that you are cultivating being ‘setting sensitive’?






2 comments on “Setting sensitivity
  1. Steve Buchele says:

    Might want to check the first sentence, did you really mean “gaging” or gauging. I mean sure, when someone lacks authenticity, I gag, but me thinks you meant something else.

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