I read his blog because he’s my Bishop. But, I’d read it if he wasn’t because his insights consistently invite and invoke me to think deeply – to mentally engage with life, more.

The context of  today’s post is the inter-relationships of component systems (individual churches) within their composite systems (cluster groupings). He’s leading the Church into a new praxis of how separate, yet similar, congregations work together to actualize a common mission.

Any new praxis requires change, whether it is systemic or individual.

Change fascinates me. As a true constant of human existence, change has inherent characteristics that simultaneously attract and repel. We welcome it even as we resist it. We have the ability to respond to external change. We also have the ability to initiate change – in the systems within which we live, as well as within ourselves.


What inspires you to take initiative to change?

What inclines you to ignore initiative to change?

How do you assess, then anticipate, the perceived benefits from taking initiative to change?

6 comments on “Initiative
  1. Deborah says:

    Much appreciated for the information and share!

  2. JON M TAYLOR says:

    Thanks for sharing your blog! So, you’ve asked:
    1. What inspires you to take initiative to change?
    2. What inclines you to ignore initiative to change?
    3. How do you assess, then anticipate, the perceived benefits from taking initiative to change?
    My brief response:
    1. Our human condition is universal, though we’ve unique experiences and circumstances. Major hange only occurs when internal and external incentives are high. Fear and pain are two primary emotions which percipitate change.

    2. A realized or unrealized need for change is ignored when incentive is lacking.

    3. A highly subjective question and an individual’s answer will hint and/or reveal feelings regarding a desire to or not to change. My feelings about anticipating and my perceived benefits to change:(Please note: I said feelings and not thoughts.) When anticipating change, I usually feel excited about new beginnings. Even if its a negative change, I try seeing the positive. If little or no positive consequence surround a major change, I remember that our world is in constant motion. Everything changes, adapts, and evolves. At times, this is not what I want to hear but its what needs to be heard and understood.

    Now, the part about the Bishop. 🙂 Really?? Would I REALY read the United Methodist Bishop’s blog even if he weren’t my bishop? (And he isn’t.) Ummm……… NO. But that’s entirely new topic. Let’s put some spice into the nice. How do folk truly FEEL (not think) about wholesale change in a wind-blown denomination in unprecedented decline? Now that conversation may not play well in the bishop’s cabinet but it appears to be top 10 question within the rank and file of United Methodist leaders and followers?

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