Try: Humility; Gentleness; and Acceptance

Earlier this week, a woman told me of how her sister, living in another state, is coping with the floods from several weeks of torrential rain. We talked about the disparity – the seeming ‘unfairness’ – of rain there and the drought that drags on here in Central Texas.

This morning, Brushy Creek is awakening to the orchestra of thunder and pouring rain. It’s beautiful noise to us whose land has become tinder-box dry. While this won’t be the ‘drought buster,’ it can be refreshing and spirit-lifting.

Of course, any weather can have that effect on our outlook, because how we choose to start the day really is up to us. Things like weather, and whether or not you’ve slept well, might influence; still, the choice is yours.

You can experience life, more, by deciding how you will treat yourself and others today. Try this:

  • Enjoy humility. Allow yourself to be eased of ego and live the freedom of knowing that not everything that happens is about you;
  • Live gently. Even as you focus and assertively tackle your to-do list, treat yourself and others tenderly. Make at least one (1) genuine expression of care, of compassion; and,
  • Accept other people for who they are, and for where they are in their own choices about how they will live and related with others. While they may have ability to influence how you live, the only power that they have over your attitude and actions is what you give to them.


How are you choosing to live today?




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