“Customer assistance really isn’t needed in aisle ___”

It’s the kind of Monday afternoon when posts about a friend tangoing her way through grocery shopping are trending toward viral on facebook.

Wow, to think that, had I not wandered through fb on my way to what’s next, I’d have missed her joyful abandon in dancing the tango, leading her grocery cart on aisle…

OK, I don’t on what aisle it was. This is the closest thing that I could find on You Tube (you have to imagine the grocery cart.).


What I do know is this:

It was pure fun reading her self-disclosure about a playful moment in and H.E.B., and her friends’ responses. The sheer delight of it reminds me that each of us has the ability to creatively transform even routine life-tasks like marketing into moments that relax our spirits into being fully-present in this all-too-brief experience of mortally.

Sharing them, we layer memories that lighten hearts other than our own. ┬áThat’s life, more.

What did you spontaneously do today that brightened your life and others’, too?



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